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Diving in Cabo Pulmo National Park: some things you should know

Undoubtedly Cabo Pulmo figures prominently in the list of underwater jewels of the world and consequently those of Mexico. Diving is exceptional throughout all seasons, becoming a unique experience, always full of surprises. The waters of this park are of extremely changeable nature, ranging from green and cold (winter and spring) to the warm and clear waters that put it on par with a Caribbean dive. When the water is cold, visibility decreases, but at those times the abundance of fish and other marine species increases such that they are detected with ease. As an added bonus, you can see unique phenomena such as schools of "mobulas" jumping around on the water’s surface, and at specific times of the year whales are observed, dolphins, orcas and if you want more, in shallow areas, on the shore of the bay of Cabo Pulmo, aggregations of sharks can be observed from the high points of the bay or from any vessel.


In one day you can see what other places would take a lifetime !!

During the warm season, visibility dramatically improves, and natural phenomena are distinct. Note that in Cabo Pulmo the chances of seeing sharks during a dive are very high in certain places throughout the year, and the probability of sightings is almost certain if proper measures are taken. Also, one of the most outstanding attractions of Pulmo`s waters are shoals of jacks that become so abundant that can the schools can block the passage of sunlight and be a “cloud” of fish extending from the water surface to the seabed. This
“jack tornado” phenomenon is present throughout most of the year.




For all these reasons Cabo Pulmo is certainly a unique experience of diving at any level of experience and in any Depths: The average dive depth in Cabo Pulmo’s most interesting sites varies between 55-70 feet. There are also some very shallow coral dives that are of great interest, and the Bahia de los Frailes site have dives of more than 100 feet.  

Water Temperatures: Very variable. From December to July, the water tends to be cold, can fall to 14 degrees Celsius in the most extreme lows (May, June), when a wetsuit of 5mm to 7mm is advisable, and even a hood is helpful. The warm waters come from July to late November, greatly improving visibility at this time, when a suit of 3mm is quite sufficient, and many people dive without a suit at times.

Visibility: Varies throughout the year. The best season is October and November, when visibility can reach 100 feet or more. The months of cold water are usually murkier but crowded with life (in those months no need to dive to see marine life in quantity, e.g., whales).




Number of species in the area: Approximately 226 of fish and 11 of corals

Number of dive sites: About 14 sites.

Reef topography: Patches of broken rock between sand is the generality of the area.

Currents: Changes from north to south and vice versa; therefore, most dives are drift dives.

Photographic qualities: All varieties of fotosub, greatly excels photography fish, cold water in times of opportunities for macro enthusiasts are endless.

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