Underwater Photography Courses in Cabo Pulmo

Underwater photography is an art with an extensive learning curve. Whether you're a complete beginner, or an experienced photographer who wants to hone your photographic skills, our personalized course in underwater photography will save you time otherwise painfully spent learning via trial and error! Plus, the time you invest in this course will produce great diving pictures that you can take home! Place your learning in the hands of a team of experts while having an unforgettable dive holiday in one of the most beautiful corners of Mexico.

At CPWS, we like to maintain a friendly and supportive environment between course participants and the team. This course will teach you many things, and we look forward to learning from you as well. Learning is a process that never stops, and underwater photography is an activity that depends on many external factors, e.g., weather, logistics, equipment, planning. As a teacher, I encourage honest and constructive feedback on everyone’s work, with a view to improving photography skills on the individual level and as a group.


Class size

Our classes are limited to a maximum of small groups of six (6) photographers, in order to provide personal attention to the needs, level of photographic skill and equipment of each attendee, and optimize each student’s learning experience.

Cabo Pulmo and underwater photography = great photos!

Protected since 1995 as a National Marine Park, the condition of the reef in Cabo Pulmo is excellent, and the number and variety of fish that can be seen in the area is astounding! During the last survey, over 225 species of fish were counted within the park, not to mention invertebrates, plants, etc. So the opportunities abound to take great photographs! Additionally, the Cabo Pulmo Watersports Dive Shop is the best in the area, rated #1 on Tripadvisor.


Course Prerequisites

  • Certified diver with good buoyancy skills. The primary requirement for taking a photography course with CPWS is that you be a certified diver with good buoyancy skills. If you are uncertain about your buoyancy control, this does not need to be a barrier to taking this class, if you plan in advance! You can arrive a few days early, and our staff will do a review of your buoyancy skills, or even a complete overview of your skills as a diver. If needed, additional training can be provided before the photography class so that you will be assured that you have all the diving skills needed to successfully complete the class in underwater photography.
  • Dive Instructor and Dive Master with class. I will always be in the water with you as your instructor of photography, helping with camera settings, subject search, composition, my camera in hand to compare shots and help improve them. Additionally, an experienced divemaster will accompany the group underwater to assure the class’ general safety, performance as divers, and that interaction with the reef is in compliance with National Park rules. In the Cabo Pulmo National Park, conservation is taken seriously! Never hesitate to ask questions, the staff of the course is here to help you.
  • Level of skill as a photographer. Courses are offered for photographers of all levels, from those who have just purchased their first underwater camera and want to start from scratch, to the enthusiastic photographer who wants to hone fine photographic skills. For advanced photographers, courses are offered in certain specialties (Wide Angle, Macro, Fluorescence). Non-photographer dive companions are always welcome!
  • Other requirements. There is no minimum requirement level of experience, or required photographic equipment. What we do require is a positive attitude, willingness to learn, enthusiasm for photography, diving and nature around us.

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