Diving in Cabo Pulmo National Park: some things you should know


Undoubtedly Cabo Pulmo figures prominently in the list of underwater jewels of the world and consequently those of Mexico. Diving is exceptional throughout all seasons, becoming a unique experience, always full of surprises. The waters of this park are of extremely changeable nature, ranging from green and cold (winter and spring) to the warm and clear waters that put it on par with a Caribbean dive. When the water is cold, visibility decreases, but at those times the abundance of fish and other marine species increases such that they are detected with ease. As an added bonus, you can see unique phenomena such as schools of “mobulas” jumping around on the water’s surface, and at specific times of the year whales are observed, dolphins, orcas and if you want more, in shallow areas, on the shore of the bay of Cabo Pulmo, aggregations of sharks can be observed from the high points of the bay or from any vessel.