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Erectile Dysfunction and Shockwave Therapy

There are as many ways to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) as its possible causes. The response depends largely on the individual characteristics of a man. That is why it’s important both to determine the real cause of the problem and to select an adequate therapy. What we can say about a shockwave method? For now, it is not been approved by the FDA bur revealed efficiency in several scientific investigations. Let’s learn more about its possibilities and scope of utilization.

What is Erectile Dysfunction

ED can occur from time to time in every man. This means or inability to get hard after sexual stimulation or losing an erection too quickly. However, if these symptoms persist for half a year and ruin the sexual life, one should visit a doctor and get appropriate diagnostics and treatment.

Causes and risk factors

The main cause of ED is often considered the aging process. In men, it is accompanied by a lowering of testosterone levels that inevitably leads to libido decrease and may disturb erections.

At the same time, the situation may get worse or appear earlier due to the following reasons:

  • bad habits such as smoking and abusing alcohol;
  • unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle;
  • certain diseases, such as obesity, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and diabetes;
  • mental disorders, including anxiety, depression and relationship issues.

Usually, the combination of these factors leads to the development of ED. Still, it’s crucial to determine the primary cause and balanced lifestyle in such a way as to avoid these risks.

What is Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy has appeared in recent years as an off-label treatment for ED. It utilizes a wand-shaped device that produces special waves to influence the penis.

The main aim of this therapy is to increase blood flow and improve the condition of blood vessels in the penis. Despite the positive results of several scientific investigations, the FDA has not yet approved the method. Thus, it’s usually not covered by insurance.

However, men who cannot utilize medicines or find other techniques ineffective, often ask for this one. It is non-invasive and is not associated with high risks or bad health consequences.

How shockwaves improve blood flow to the penis

There is no firmly established mechanism of action for this method. Still, special waves aim to activate the penis tissues and make blood vessels more prone to dilation. This, in turn, has a direct impact on an erection and its quality.

Shockwave therapy costs

On average, one session costs from $400 to $500. It is recommended to have two sessions per week for three weeks. Thus, such a course will cost from $2400 to $3000 and the insurance will not cover it due to the absence of FDA approval.

In addition, after the first course, one should take a break for a few weeks and then repeat it. Therefore, the total cost depends on the number of procedures recommended by a healthcare provider.

Shockwave Therapy Benefits

The list of advantages of this technique includes the following points:

  • the procedure is non-invasive and does not require surgery or anesthesia;
  • it is painless and is not associated with severe side effects;
  • it is cost-effective;
  • the methods can be used as a long-lasting cure instead of a temporary fix.

In addition, several pieces of research have proven its efficiency. The investigations are still in progress so the more information we get further on, the more details we’ll be able to gather.


The procedure is performed with a special device that emits gentle impulses. The specialist moves it along the penis for approximately 15 minutes. There is no need for anesthesia or some additional preparation. Moreover, there are no side effects afterward.

This makes the technique convenient as one can do it anytime without worries. There is no need to be afraid of it.

How many sessions are typically required

On average, the treatment starts from two sessions per week and lasts for three weeks. Then, a break is required. If needed, the course can be repeated in the same mode after a two-week break.

Potential discomfort or pain during the procedure

The majority of patients do not report any discomfort or pain during the sessions. This is basically one of the benefits of this method. Still, if painful sensations occur, one has to inform a healthcare provider and stop the procedure.

Who is OK for Shockwave Therapy

As this procedure is non-invasive and is not associated with any special risks, it can be recommended almost for everyone. Possible contraindications include:

  • penile curvature;
  • skin infections that affect the penis;
  • pain during the procedure.

In addition, sometimes side effects occur, such as a painful erection, bruises on the penis and blood in the urine. If this happens, the patient should at once inform a healthcare provider to decide on further actions and the possibility of the utilization of this treatment.

Traditional Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

In addition, we should mention the following ways of ED treatment. Each of them can be used separately or a combination may be suggested useful. The main thing is to get a professional consultation and follow the chosen treatment scheme to achieve sustainable results.


There is a special group of medicines that were created for ED treatment. The most popular options include Cialis and Viagra. Viagra was historically the first one and was discovered by chance. But later other similar medicines were created and introduced into practice.

They have immediate effect as they increase blood flow and contribute to the dilation of blood vessels in the penis. This is exactly what is needed for a proper erection. The effect of medicines lasts from 4-5 to 7-8 hours, which is also sufficient for good sex. However, they do not improve overall sexual health and performance and solve the ED issues only temporarily.

Vacuum erection devices

Those patients who cannot take medicines or look for other means of cure, often use vacuum erection devices. They also provide a temporary effect and should be used directly before intercourse.

The idea is to create a vacuum around the penis, which enhances blood flow and helps the blood to rush in and fill the organ. However, such devices require some practice to be utilized properly and some consider them not always convenient, as it is hard to predict the exact time of sex.

Penile injections

Penile injections are the same as oral medicines but in other dosage forms. They also should be made a few hours before intercourse in the area near the penis. The effect is the dilation of blood vessels and improvement of blood flow to the organ.

In this case, one should be able to do them without help and properly to avoid side effects. On average, injections work faster than oral pills but the overall effect is the same.

Surgical options

This approach includes two different techniques, namely penile implants and vascular reconstruction. Both are considered effective but are invasive and require a certain period of time for recovery and getting back to a normal life. In addition, they are quite costly. That is why they are recommended when other treatment modes appear to be ineffective.


To conclude, shockwave therapy seems to be a quite effective modern technique that aims to regenerate the penis tissues and improve blood flow. This is exactly what is required for a long and strong erection. Therefore, one can give it a try according to the recommendation of a healthcare provider or combine it with other approaches to ED treatment to get even better results.


Does shockwave therapy work for erectile dysfunction?

Yes, there is scientific evidence that it can improve blood flow in the penis and help to get hard and maintain an erection during sufficient time.

What is the fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction?

Special pills like Cialis and Viagra provide the fastest results. However, their effect disappears after a few hours. That is why such methods as shockwave therapy are considered good for long-term results.

How to excite a man with erectile dysfunction?

The partner may use kissing, caressing, oral stimulation and play with the penis. Still, it’s crucial for a man to get adequate treatment to solve this issue.

How can I reverse ED naturally?

This is possible by changing lifestyle to a more healthier way and such non-invasive techniques as shockwave therapy or vacuum devices.